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Hospital Consulting is the process of assisting organizations with performance enhancement. Our team of brilliant, analytical minds collaborates to assist our customers in resolving complicated business issues. Supremediq provides different management consulting services to the hospital, including:
 Financial and Market Feasibility Report:

Supremediq provides a comprehensive research project report that will assist you in evaluating the viability and potential of the proposed hospital. We provide a comprehensive, impartial, and scenario-based study to determine whether the market entry is feasible. The scenario-based feasibility not only enables you to analyze the variety of possibilities that may be used to construct a new story, but also serves as a constant reference for the future.
Ultimately, it provides a clear indication of the project’s success before allocating resources, personnel, and time.
This service includes the subsequent:
The report is an exhaustive document containing the following information:
Economic Feasibility
• A comprehensive financial feasibility analysis analysing construction, medical equipment, and furnishing costs in order to estimate the entire cost.
• HR planning: In the initial stage, a comprehensive account of Human Resource requirements is established, together with estimated payrolls.
• Working Capital Analysis: This section provides a complete evaluation to approximate working capital.
• Revenue Modeling: A comprehensive and detailed account of your venture’s revenue is supplied, including the source of revenue, the value offered, how to price the value, and who pays for the value.
• Detailed profit-and-loss statement: A comprehensive profit-and-loss statement detailing the anticipated financial statements is created to determine the Break-even point and ROI of the project.
Market Feasibility
• Analysis of Demand and Supply Gap: This section identifies and estimates the hospital’s present requirements.
• Feasibility of Geographical Site Location: Examining the site’s location gives us a thorough understanding of the neighbourhood and the viability of a hospital in that area.
• Healthcare Scenario at Proposed Location: Assists us in analysing the prevalent diseases in the area so we can construct the hospital’s departments accordingly.
• Analysis of the Catchment Area identifies the area surrounding the site that has the potential to influence patients.
• Identification of Competitive Market: This identifies the pre-existing competition in the market in order to determine the benchmarks at which we must operate.
• Current Trends associated with it: This informs the promoter of the most up-to-date technology that must be utilised when designing a hospital.
• Infrastructure Planning: a comprehensive description of the proposed medical project’s layout.
• Need Gap Analysis: This aids in evaluating the desirability of new business and establishes the general level of acceptance.
• SWOT Analysis: Describe the prospective hospital’s internal strengths and weaknesses as well as its exterior threats and opportunities.
• Factors Affecting the Project’s Viability: This section shows all the contributing elements of the study that add to the rationale for initiating and funding the project.
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The methodology we use to compile the reports will provide you with essential market and financial data. The research process includes the collecting of both primary and secondary data.
Data from First-Hand Sources, such as Interviews, Questionnaires, and Surveys, constitute Primary Data.
Secondary Data entails the administration of already-existing data from Census reports, Magazines, Journals, Articles, Organizational Records, Institutes’ Websites, etc.
Forecasting of financial returns is based on anticipated expenditures and investments.
The collected information enables us to develop the finest plans for your venture.
We provide what you require!
We give you with a detailed, written study of your ideal project, which includes market and financial feasibility data.
In order to determine the viability of your intended firm, the report also includes a competitive analysis of the market’s existing companies.
2. Certification – NABH/JCI/ISO:
Accreditation plays a crucial function in strengthening an organization’s quality standards. By supporting hospitals in gaining numerous accreditations and licences, we facilitate a smooth accreditation procedure. This part of our firm is a leader in the improvement of the quality environment and standardisation of hospital operations, both in public and private hospitals. The Quality and Accreditation for Hospital assists the company in attaining ISO certification, accreditation through NABH, JCI, and other quality accrediting bodies.
Supremediq provides assistance for the following NABH accreditation activities:
• Gap evaluation and analysis: This includes a comprehensive assessment of the hospital’s infrastructure, human resources, and biological equipment procedure, paperwork, and employee orientation to the accreditation standards. This aids in the closing of gaps, and consequently, the given services adhere to certification requirements.
• It entails assisting with the review of the Hospital’s accreditation plan at various stages. Typically, orientation and training are organised in order to keep up with the accreditation process and develop a quality organisational structure and culture.
• Assisting the organisation with committee and team formation.
• Assists the hospital in the preparation of documentation containing SOPs, Manuals, Policies, Department-specific instructions, and infection control procedures, which modifies the existing system and identifies adjustments that must be made to meet accreditation requirements.
• Assistance in the creation of the facility’s recordkeeping programme
• Conducting and coordinating various organisational training programmes. Depending on the need and availability, the trainers could be in-house or outsourced.
• Training of identified hospital personnel on NABH accreditation process
• Facilitation of facility assessment programme development.
• Observation of activities
The aforementioned actions are carried out by conducting various quality audits in the hospital, organising training programmes that can be generated by an external trainer, an in-house facility trainer, or a consultant trainer, and allocating resources. In a similar manner, facility assessment is conducted by training facility personnel to conduct assessments and simulated drills.
Revenue Enhancement and Cost Reduction: At Supremediq, we assist you with a variety of actions that result in the Hospital’s revenue enhancement and cost reduction. It is usually difficult to produce a profit, but it is especially difficult in the healthcare industry. We at Supremediq assist our clients at every stage to increase their profitability. The following services contribute to increased profits and decreased expenses:
Supply costs account for a large portion of the hospital’s budget and can be reduced with relative ease. We assist in negotiating savings with vendors and advocate more favourable conditions of agreement.
Selection of suppliers: In order to earn a profit, our methodology for selecting suppliers for diverse medical equipment and other facility needs favours those who give the greatest services at the lowest price.
Assist in Outsourcing Services: We aid in outsourcing services that are unproductive in operations, so contributing to an increase in overall profit and a decrease in expenses.
Energy Utilization: We design the electrical layout and components to consume the least amount of electrical energy possible. A room with natural light and ventilation is one approach to conserve energy during the day.
By making optimal use of resources: We intend and recommend that you use the available resources optimally in order to achieve maximum output with little input.
4. Evaluation/External Audit: We, at Supremediq, undertake an evaluation of your existing hospital. This study assists us in evaluating present and future projections. A comprehensive evaluation of the site is conducted to determine future trends and impending difficulties.
This service covers the following procedures:
• Assistance in obtaining NABH accreditation for your facility: We assist your healthcare institution in obtaining Entry level or Full NABH Certification through objective review of the process that assists the healthcare organisation in measuring, assessing, and enhancing performance.
• Plan the specifics for expanding the services of your existing institution If you are planning to expand your healthcare centre, you may rely on our team’s aid, as we assist you with each step.
• Conducting internal and external audits of your organisation.
• A comprehensive examination and analysis of the facility’s operation to uncover its flaws.
In order to give you with a comprehensive picture of the facility’s operation, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation study. This might aid in identifying your hospital’s weaknesses and improvement opportunities. The comprehensive report of Audits is presented, together with a list of areas for improvement, so that appropriate action can be done.
Hospital Design and Planning
We Design Innovative Safety
The Design of a Hospital varies by environment, health, and regional requirements. Our architects design hospitals that suit all requirements, including space for living and working. It involves the planning and design of all clinical and non-clinical set ups, including pharmacies, laboratories, intensive care units, outpatient departments, wards, waiting spaces, and many more. We are familiar with designing hospitals in accordance with the local government’s quality criteria.
We ensure that a hospital’s layout and infection control plans are optimal in order to improve staff and patient flow.
With state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology, we intend to create a world-class health care institution that adheres to the highest standards of medical and service excellence and is centred on the patient.
What Does It Consist Of?
To provide the most pleasant and user-friendly environment for patient care and healing, we include the following headings in our planning reports:
• Area Requirement: This section outlines the area requirements for each department in accordance with the established criteria.
• Work Flow Plan for operational effectiveness and convenience: In order to have a clear picture of work flow patterns, a comprehensive plan of the project is presented.
• Engineering and research service support: Help is offered to conduct various supporting activities that ultimately contribute to the running of the process.
• Operational Policies: This category includes policies that are mandatory and of major importance to the operation of the organisation.
• Site Parameters: Numerous parameters, such as the climate, soil, water system, and drainage system, as well as other environmental elements, are identified and examined.
• Internal Environment comfort comprising a high level of hospital cleanliness and sterility.
• Flexibility for the absorption and extension of futuristic technologies.
Major Providers
Campus master planning and design: The process of planning and creating healthcare is not simple and consequently involves a great deal of effort, expertise, and ability. A master plan is a detailed document that offers us an idea of what will be built. Under this service, we provide a comprehensive evaluation of the available space, fund requirement, its allocation, and future performance projections.
• Strategic planning and evaluation: The facility is first designed with the promoter’s needs and goals in mind. We provide current and future financial projections for your hospital as part of this service. Planned are a comprehensive statistical trend, an energy conversion system, and the appropriate personnel size.
• Conceptual site design involves a comprehensive analysis of the site’s proximity, soil condition, connection, neighbouring locations, and compliance with all regulatory requirements. Additionally, the daily patient and visitor traffic is evaluated.
• Interdepartmental planning and design: A detailed department-by-department structural drawing describing the functioning and flow of Hospital functions, as well as main access and exit locations, is planned. It also highlights each of the hospital’s important zones.
• Physical set-up, Evaluation, and Recommendation: Assistance is provided for the construction of the facility, the progress of the work is evaluated, and recommendations are made to overcome limitations.
Medical Planning Services: Supremediq’s healthcare consulting services assist you at every stage of your project, from concept analysis to facility infrastructure commissioning. When constructing a healthcare facility, the budget and proponents’ goal should always be kept in mind. The feasibility and socioeconomic state of the area are examined, together with the competitive environment and legislative norms and procedures. Then, a comprehensive set of drawings is planned and presented.
Turnkey Architect Design entails providing complete architectural services to all clients. Drawings of each department of the institution are created with consideration for significant factors such as number of departments, patient flow, site location, city, etc.
These are the Services delivered under this:
Our skilled architects and engineers create an initial set of free-hand layouts that may be used to explore early design concepts for every clinical and non-clinical department.
2. Structural drawing: This depicts the facility’s specifics and how it would be constructed. It includes foundations and dimensions, frame details, wall sections, and all other information that can be utilised as a guide while creating the infrastructure of the facility.
This illustration shows the specifics of all hospital furnishings. The chairs, tables, and desks, as well as every other essential interior facility, are outlined in this series of drawings.
The Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing designs of a healthcare institution are included. We give the optimal MEP design based on the available space and the promoter’s specifications. We provide the greatest service by utilising high-quality materials and addressing the total lighting and plumbing needs, which also adds to energy conservation.
5. MGPS Layout: Medical Gap Piping System is an essential part of any healthcare institution in order to provide a safe, convenient, and cost-effective system for the delivery of medical gases. Supremediq can assist you with the layout, design, installation, supervision, verification, and validation of MGPS for your facility.
It covers the interior and dimensions of the hospital’s connecting areas. 6. Lobby Design: This comprises the interior and dimensions of the hospital’s connecting areas. Our architects maximise the available space to develop and implement an aesthetically pleasing environment that is enjoyable for patients, visitors, and staff.
7. Elevation: This is the view of the building from one side; it is typically used to depict the building from the exterior. Therefore, we supply total exterior elevation of the building.
8. 3D views: Our clients are presented with a comprehensive 3D picture of the facility so they can visualise how the infrastructure will be developed.
Supremediq provides you with a comprehensive walkthrough of the infrastructure. Our client is better able to see the final building and its inside as a result. You can take a virtual tour, wander around the building’s hallways, and investigate its various departments.
Supremediq healthcare consultant has a team of certified Healthcare architects, Facility Planners, NABH internal assessors, and clinical planners who review the intended layout of the facility in accordance with the established norms and regulations to avoid chaos and complications during construction. While reviewing the designs, they analyse all legal, certification, and safety requirements.
Services for Remodeling/ Renovating/ Expansion: With the rising demand for healthcare, refurbishment and modernization of the facility’s present services are of paramount importance. Installation of the most advanced healthcare technologies aids in managing patient flow. For the renovation or expansion of your healthcare facility, the Supremediq team utilises a strategic approach and status analysis. Future expansion, remodelling, or refurbishment is planned, discussed, and carried out effectively after a thorough analysis of the current state.
Supremediq assists you in pursuing your objectives by adopting them as our own; for this reason, we do a thorough site analysis of the suggested location to determine its advantages and disadvantages.
This entails conducting surveys and site visits in order to examine the surrounding soil condition, water and drainage system, environmental impact, traffic flow management, and waste management, among other factors.
This information is used to build an optimal hospital design layout.
By using an effective planning and design methodology, we hope to accomplish the following:
We provide a complete set (18 sets) of conceptual and furniture designs for each department of your building.
Outstanding Structural Design: This includes a detailed construction drawing of the whole structural framework of the complex, with the layout and intended area for each department.
Interior Design: We develop the most appealing and distinctive atmosphere for your project, taking into account the optimal space requirements of each department, including the parking lot, outpatient department, blood bank, operating room, wards, and waiting areas.
Facilitating Facility Design: It comprises the planning of electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems in the hospital, which are crucial to the hospital’s good operation and efficient service delivery.
Medical Equipment Planning is a crucial step during the construction phase of any Healthcare Facility. Even little variations in the pricing or delivery schedule of Medical Equipment can have a significant effect on the hospital’s financial viability. Equipment planning ensures that the equipment given for a certain activity is selected, supplied, and ready for use in the most effective and efficient manner.
Supremediq plans for the hospital’s medical equipment to be suitable for purpose, within budget, acquired, delivered, and commissioned in accordance with the project’s schedule.
We have a cohesive team of project managers, architects, and other connected healthcare planners, such as equipment planners, who meticulously weigh your needs against healthcare technology, financial goals, and the design and construction process.
What does it consist of?
Through our extensive network of connections, we strive to develop the most cost-effective and efficient plan for your hospital’s medical equipment technology that falls within the allotted spending limit.

• Conceptualization and criterion design: The design of medical devices is a difficult process that frequently necessitates collaboration between medical and engineering domain experts. The conceptualization process involves identifying and analysing market requirements.
• Equipment Technical Specification: A good technical specification will allow the provider to submit the most competitive bid.
• Negotiation and procurement of equipment: We communicate with our Medical equipment partners to obtain a mutually satisfying arrangement and assist you in procuring the devices at the best available price.
• Delivery Coordination: We assist with the management of distribution and shipment schedules and ensure that all devices undergo a comprehensive quality inspection. We attempt to collaborate with relevant businesses to prevent delays and manage concerns.
• Inventory Audit: This entails verifying the availability of Inventory and ensuring that the financial record and actual count of equipment correspond. This ensures the timely availability of the appropriate medical equipment.
• Procurement Management: It facilitates the acquisition of equipment from chosen vendors within your budget and either on time or before the deadline. It bills for procurement, request, ordering, inspection, and reconciliation.
• Supervision of Equipment Installation: This aids in supervising the installation of any new medical equipment. The provision of start-up, maintenance, and installation guidance.
• Budgeting and Need Assessment: A comprehensive evaluation of the equipment’s budget and need is conducted to prevent wasteful expenditures.
Methodology for planning medical equipment includes equipment survey, budgeting, selection, technical specification, and procurement. The fundamental purpose of each project is to determine the necessary equipment.
Equipment Assessment: Existing minor and major equipment is evaluated for its efficiency and functionality through an audit. By completing these Audits, the effectiveness and useful life of existing equipment are reviewed, and a list of new equipment requirements is compiled, taking the budget into account.
Budget preparation: We prepare budgets based on our clients’ specifications. We conduct interviews to determine the preferences, issues, and priorities about equipment. In order to have a comprehensive understanding of the function and design of a structure and its components, architectural reviews are also done.
Equipment Specifications: A document containing the required equipment specifications, often known as a construction document, is created. After this document is finalised, bid-package specifications and a list of bidders are established, and the contract is awarded to the bidder with the lowest price.
The acquisition of equipment is the most expensive aspect of the procedure. We intend to acquire equipment at the lowest possible cost, taking preferences and priorities into account.
We collaborate with the architect, general contractor, and design team to effectively manage the performance of manufacturers and vendors to ensure the timely delivery and installation of your equipment.
Our team of medical equipment planners and procurement specialists work directly with your Clinicians as well as your Feasibility experts, Engineers, Architects, and MEP consultants to comprehend the planned hospital rollout and to install equipment at the proper time.
Deliverables: Through the Medical Equipment Planning process, we intend to acquire high-quality, cost-effective equipment for your medical centre. We conduct audits of the current equipment, create specifications, acquire the most efficient equipment, organise its delivery and installation, and then monitor its performance.
Operations and management are regarded as the institution’s linchpin. Supremediq healthcare consultant assists in giving the best solutions and work quality in medical operations and administration. We have a team of professional and experienced consultants who are experts in formulating plans and doing analyses to improve the patient flow at the day care centre.
What does it consist of?

• Comprehensive Study: We aid in conducting extensive research on the operation of the existing hospital so that loopholes and bottlenecks can be identified and addressed.
• Competitor analysis: Analyzing the market’s existing competitors can aid in the creation of strategies to compete and stand out. Supremediq analyses the techniques employed by existing competitors in order to uncover their weaknesses, which can ultimately become our strengths and assist us in achieving market position and recognition.
• Promotional activities: Supremediq helps your business participate in a variety of online and offline promotional campaigns and events that can assist attract a diverse range of patients by raising public awareness.
• Website development: We have a team of highly-skilled engineers and graphic designers who can assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind website for your facility. Having a descriptive and appropriate website helps attract visitors and raise awareness of an institution.
• Marketing Plans: Supremediq’s marketing gurus are well trained and can build marketing strategies for your hospital that will ultimately generate income and create a buzz in the market. It has been claimed that marketing has a direct effect on enticing the public and identifying target clients.
• Public relations and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities: letting your customers, suppliers, and local community know what you are doing is crucial. CSRs aid in the development of positive public relations.
• Planning hospital information system: The majority of hospitals have shifted to digital operations, and every hospital is implementing a proper hospital information management system to keep track of data by keeping dashboards and monitoring key performance indicators. Supremediq aids in the development of a user-friendly information system for the systematic storage of your data.
• Record Maintenance: Hospitals place a premium on record maintenance. It is essential to maintain patient records even after a patient has been discharged. Maintaining all data, especially medical records, is a hard and patient task. Thus, we as a team assist you in completing this task with great ease.
• Creating SOPs by Department: The Operations and workflow of each department can be determined by establishing standard operating procedures, which eventually contribute to the facility’s efficient operation.
• Training Development for all hospital personnel levels: Developing training programmes for the hospital personnel in order to reduce surgical mishaps.
Hosppacx delivers solutions to all of your problems, regardless of the size of your firm. We audit, manage, and monitor hospital operations and purchases in accordance with predetermined performance and cost standards. Our technique is an essential tool for objective evaluation and departmental comparison. Our consultants are experienced enough to determine whether the organization’s design and workflow satisfy the patients’ desired quality standards; this enables hospital staff to provide care in a safe, efficient, and timely manner.
We supply senior management and other managing personnel on a temporary basis, allowing you to implement strategies and fill unanticipated gaps in operations and management.
We provide the best service by assigning the appropriate expert resource to the appropriate assignment; this results in the delivery of outputs that satisfy the client’s expectations within the budgetary constraints.
Supremediq provides project assistance by ensuring that all systems and components of the medical infrastructure are planned, installed, tested, operated, and maintained in accordance with the client’s specifications. From the very first step of identifying the objective to the final step of calculating the cost, we work and tailor it to your specifications.
The primary objective of commissioning is to safely transfer the unit from the builder to the owner, thereby ensuring its performance, dependability, safety, and traceability.
What does it consist of?
In the name of Commissioning Assistance, we engage in the following activities:

• Human Resource Planning: Comprehensive support is provided for managing your medical facility’s HR needs. From determining the qualities of staff to their training, nothing is left to chance.
• Design of Training Modules: Periodic training of current and newly-hired staff is required for efficient operations. We assist you in the scheduling and execution of training sessions.
• Information System Management: This is the study in which our professionals assist businesses in maximising their return on personnel, equipment, and business processes investments. It aids in the management of operations via technology.
• Operations Management: a comprehensive SOP for each department is developed and adhered to in order to ensure proper operation.
• Marketing Management: This facilitates the design and execution of your hospital’s creation, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas and objectives.
• Branding Activities: This subservice contributes to the enhancement of your brand’s image through User experience, content marketing, Social Media marketing, and paid marketing.
Working for your project by adopting it as our own, we assist our clients in a vast array of areas to ensure the smooth operation of the hospital.
We draught administrative SOPs, which are then implemented with the assistance of process owners and senior management.
Assist clients by creating and simplifying process flow and operations.
A detailed work plan is developed in accordance with industry standards.
Procedures, rules, and legal requirements are defined in accordance with your medical infrastructure’s standard needs and workflow.
Assist the customer in selecting and implementing the comprehensive report proposal.
A comprehensive HR requirement is delivered based on predefined criteria and a little cost.
We supply our clients with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of every hospital department, both clinical and non-clinical.
Provide the plan for the hospital’s efficient operation and process flow.
A comprehensive description of every department that contributes to the hospital’s operation.
Hospital project management advisory services
Looking for on-site assistance to effectively execute your New Hospital project? In this service, we supply the most cost-effective and knowledgeable personnel on-site to execute the project in the most effective manner. We provide one of the most efficient management systems for increasing the productivity and success of a building project. Our well-trained consultants oversee the project at every level by applying their expertise, talent, and experience. During construction, our staff assists with working with vendors and identifying contractors who can supply the appropriate materials at the lowest cost.
What does it consist of?
The scope of project management consulting services includes the following

• On-site Project Management: A qualified and trained person is assigned to assist with the working and coordination of tasks at the project’s construction site.
• Supervision of construction supplies and materials: A timely check and report of supplies is required to continue work and prevent material shortages during construction. Consequently, we aid you in your endeavour by supervising this task.
• Cost estimation of the project: We assist our clients in estimating the quantity, price, and cost of the resources required by the project’s scope.
• Construction Quality Assurance: We assist in the examination of products to identify and remedy faults. We ensure that the building is constructed in accordance with all predetermined standards and criteria.
We strive to provide you with services within your price constraints, and we also believe in contacting your local contractor. To this end, we have a qualified contractor, cost estimator, and construction manager available during various phases of the project.
Supremediq is committed to assisting you till the completion of your project. To guarantee the efficient delivery of a service, we maintain touch with all relevant parties. During this stage, the pre-prepared project schedule, including all SOP, Safety and quality standards, construction layout, etc., acts as the reference document.
This service attempts to provide you with support in managing many vendors and contractors on your site. We assist you in completing the full project while keeping time, cost, and quality in mind.
For an organisation to operate effectively, it is essential to recruit the appropriate human resources in the appropriate positions. Identifying the potential of individuals and employing them for the appropriate job is of the utmost importance. Supremediq provides a proper staff recruitment approach and additional training so that employees may function effectively and adopt the Hospital’s work culture. Our professionals accurately assess the human resource needs of each department and develop a training schedule for existing and newly hired hospital employees.
What does it consist of?
We give assistance with all human resource management and training activities as part of this service. Few of them include:

• Human Resource Planning: We arrange human resources for your business so that they are optimally matched with people and jobs, hence preventing manpower shortages or surpluses.
• Recruitment: To meet the demand for a diversified talent pool, we source people from prestigious institutions with a solid educational background. We aid in the recruitment of doctors, practitioners, healthcare assistants, technicians, nurses, ward boys, paramedical employees, and other hospital support personnel.
• Formulating HR policies, systems, and procedures: HR policies are formed by analysing departmental goals. Work contract, salaries, termination of employment, leaves, and public holidays are discussed.
• Performance management: We assist with monitoring and evaluating an employee’s work. This contributes to making the workplace conducive enough for employees to produce the best quality work in the most efficient and effective manner.
• Training and Development: This service aims to provide educational activities to develop the employee’s knowledge and skills, as well as information and training on how to do tasks more effectively.
• Reward management: We aid in analysing and managing employee salary, benefits, and incentives.
Our Human Resources (HR) staff matches the most suited candidate to the profile brief of each department, taking into account their background, location, and work environment, so that they may easily adapt to their new employment location. We work with other hospitals and healthcare facilities in the United States and internationally to fill permanent and temporary positions with qualified personnel.
In order to train the hospital’s current workforce, HR professionals with the necessary qualifications design training programmes. It aids in the periodic polishing and enhancement of the employees’ skills, which ultimately results in excellent production and efficient operation.
We provide training courses and a comprehensive layout for current and prospective employees.
Formulate HR policies, systems, and procedures for a certain department, emphasising the sector’s most vital issue.
Evaluation of each employee’s performance and identification of areas for improvement to boost the effectiveness of service delivery.
Thus, Supremediq can assist you with every aspect of your HR needs, management, and training.
Do you require financial aid to launch your dream hospital? We, the staff at Supremediq, are prepared to assist you in raising funds to realise your dreams. When selecting a type of funding, it is essential to consider the business plans, future growth plans, future financial growth, and current and past performance of the organisation.
Facing financial challenges in carrying out a project is typical, but stress giving. We offer comprehensive fundraising assistance for your Green field and Brown field initiatives. By our extensive network of known and reputable bank partners and individual investors who willing and are ready to engage in your project are contacted and the most suitable to the customer is considered.
The process involves all the legal considerations and is documented well for future references to maintain the transparency and forthrightness.
It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the financial situation’s history in order to determine the exact amount of funds required and to comprehend its future prospects.
While partnering with our investors, we keep a few things in mind, including determining the philanthropy development strategy, researching our fundraising prospects, equipping the fundraiser with a tool, prioritising donor stewardship, and keeping in mind all legal policies.
This helps build trust with both the client and the fund provider, which is advantageous in the long run.

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