Radiologist MDRD or DMRD ULTRASONOLOGIST should perform the following duties while working in this job role

  • Is responsible for the overall administrative and technical operations of the ultrasound department.
  • Shall follow code of professional ethics, provide instructions and training to staff as needed, develops work plans, procedures and ensure their implementation in all day-to-day operations
  • Verification of results and signing of final ultrasound reports
  • Can conduct re-investigation of ultrasound if any discrepancy is noticed or would like to cross verify the results
  • Shall ensure timely compliance to QA program defined by hospital
  • Shall ensure patient impartiality and confidentiality while conducting an ultrasound procedure
  • Shall follow/ comply with all legal and statutory guidelines as stated by the state / national government agencies for ultrasound related procedures.
  • Shall ensure that no relative of obstetric patient is present during ultrasound fetal investigation
  • Shall ensure smooth communication with patients and other SSH departments.
  • Shall ensure good quality images of various ultrasound procedures
  • Ensure that the risk associated with interventional ultrasound procedures are identified, assessed, managed and minimized.
  • Ensure timely update of department documentation.

The consultant ultrasonologist ready to work in the capacity of Radiologist MDRD or DMRD ULTRASONOLOGIST bust be registered for MCI or NMC for the same qualifications approved by NMC or MCI.

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