Job Description- Nursing InCharge Critical Care Unit

  • The local head of Nursing Staff of CCU, reporting to Nursing In-charge.
  • Ensures adequate staffing and proper duty scheduling of the staff for duties in each rotating shifts.
  • Prime responsibility to ensure proper inventory of various equipment, instruments, medicines, consumables, laundry, etc.
  • Responsible to send timely indents and issues from purchase/pharmacy duly signed by responsible agencies.
  • Ensures that proper patient care is being delivered.
  • Local training of staff.
  • Proper record-keeping of all admissions, transfers, deaths, discharges, LAMA, file dispatches.
  • Ensures proper equipment care, maintenance, and repair.
  • All nursing staff, GDA, and housekeeping reportable to her in regards to patient care and lessen administrative problems.
  • Directly reports to Consultant CCU about all problems pertaining to CCU whether clinical or administrative.
  • Ensures working of all medical equipment and instrument.
  • Cleaning / Sterilization of CCU instruments and equipment.
  • Maintaining an inventory of all medical equipment.
  • Maintaining records of calibrations, time for next calibrations, number of repairs, due servicing of equipment etc.
  • Assessing and performing small local defects and repairs.
  • Reporting all major/minor breakdowns to CCU Consultant / Facility Manager.
  • Set up all monitoring apparatus at the designated beds when asked.
  • Forwarding requests for indents for consumables and condemnations of the CCU equipment
  • Assisting in CCU procedures.
  • Shall report to Consultant CCU or administrative equivalent).

Not to interact with attendants about patient conditions

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