Job Description-Nursing Staff-Pediatrics HDU

  • On reporting to duty, shall take charge of the following from the previous nurse-
  • Number of patients under care.
  • Position of pending investigations.
  • Condition of all the patients under care.
  • Any pending order of patients under care.
  • Equipment / drugs to be procured.
  • Perform monitoring of various vital and non vital parameters as advised and charting them promptly.
  • Carrying out the charted treatment with all due preparations / precautions.
  • Assisting the doctors in all procedures.
  • Timely informing the doctors about all deviations from normal of various parameters.
  • To attend to all personal needs of the patient, inform of hygiene and excretory needs singly or with help from ward boy and housekeeping.
  • To maintain the designated inventory of medicines, equipments and instruments.
  • To make timely and adequate drug requisition from attendants.
  • Keeps proper inventory of assigned patient’s drugs.
  • Registers the admission, discharge, transfer of the patient in proper registers.
  • Proper file keeping of all patient records during admission and proper dispatch of file after patient goes out of PHDU.
  • Local supervision of subordinates like GDA & housekeeping.
  • Not to interact with attendants about the clinical condition of patient.
  • Take consent for various procedures
  • Prepare patient for OT / Surgical procedures
  • Proper sampling as per investigation ordered by CIC, as and when required, clear labeling and timely dispatch of all samples and processing reports when asked for.
  • In case of death in PHDU
  1. Ensuring that declaration has been done and information has been passed on to relevant authorities like exchange and security, Nursing Supervisor.
  2. Disconnecting all tubing’s, catheters from the patient and ensuring that proper packing is done of the body.
  3. Talking to the attendants and clearly understanding low and when the body is to be shifted.
  4. Consumables and medication to be sent for bill settlement.
  5. To ensure that the final bill has been cleaned before body release, and also to ensure that relevant documents has been properly filled by the Resident Doctor.
  6. To hand over all investigation reports and medical certificate of cause of deathand any valuables to the relatives (duly signed and recievd)
  7. To make proper documentation of the death.
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