Job Description-Operation Theater-OT Technician

  1. To assist surgeons and anesthetists during surgery
  2. To maintain major equipments of CSSD and OT.
  3. To maintain inventory of medicines.
  4. To maintain linen and ensure OT sheets are not mixed with ward sheets.
  5. To maintain all the disposables, stock and take care of the expiry drugs.
  6. To fill indent and send it to pharmacy in case of need of disposables or other injections.
  7. To maintain record of total surgeries performed in OT
  8. To enter all details, including name, age, diagnosis, consultant in charge, admission, date of operation during surgery.
  9. To ensure proper infection control by fumigation, sterilization & autoclaving in the OT.
  10. To ensure proper biomedical waste segregation in the OT.
  11. General supervision of cleaning & maintenance in OT.
  12. To maintain Registers like
    1. OT scheduling register
    2. Drugs register
    3. Indent register
    4. Equipments register
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