Job Description- Ward Nursing InCharge

  • Nursing In-charge will report directly to the NS on daily and SOS basis.
  • Responsible for staffing pattern on following points-
  • Assess the need of number and types of Nurses in the hospital.
  • If the number is less, then initiate the process of recruitment. The final decision involves appointment committee comprising of Nursing Superintendent , MS and MD..
  • Will make the monthly duty roster of the nurses on 29th of every month for the next month and ensure its compliance.
  • Nurses requiring leave will take permission (in the specified leave format) from her with prior notice and alternative arrangement. These applications will be kept in personal file of each nurse.
  • Will ensure the alternative arrangement of the nurse who suddenly takes leave in emergency.
  • Will ensure the availability of Resuscitative equipment in all the departments as per the need. .
  • Will ensure the availability of emergency drugs at places where patients are admitted / diagnosed.
  • Will ensure the availability of various sets (Required for various procedures) in Emergency, Wards, ICU and NICU departments on daily basis
  • Will check the availability of various routine drugs and disposables in emergency, intensive care unit, Dialysis departments on nursing incharge checklists.
  • Will ensure the availability of adequate no. of linens including Bed sheets, Pillows, Pillow covers, Blankets etc. At least one day extra stock to be kept at each place.
  • Will ensure the availability of various forms, continuation sheets, prescription pads etc. in various places where patients are operated & in LR/OT.
  • Will maintain adequate stock of all the above materials and indent it from stores as and when need arises explaining the consumption of previous goods.
  • Will recommend to stores department items / goods to be condemned due to wear and tear in due course of time.
  • Will take daily round of all admitted patients at least once daily and check the followings-
  • Whether Adequate Nursing care is done or not, including sponging or specific nursing care like mouth care, back care, bladder care etc.
  • Whether the nurses have administered all drugs as per schedule advised by the doctors.
  • Whether the patients are getting the same brands of drugs as prescribed by doctors or not.
  • Whether the patients are taking the diet as advised by the doctor or not.
  • Whether the investigations advised by doctor is done in time or not & whether the reports have reached to the ward from Diagnostic center or not before the doctor’s rounds. Hence the rounds of Nursing In-charge should always precede the Doctors Rounds.
  • Whether any other order of doctor like arrangement of Blood for transfusion, preparing patient for surgery or cross reference to other specialist has been complied with or not.
  • Whether the Rooms and Toilet are clean or not.
  • Whether Bed sheet, pillow cover etc. is neat and tidy or not.
  • Other check list includes
    1. Proper working of Telephone
    2. Proper working of TV
    3. Availability of All out (mosquito repellent)
    4. Water availability
    5. Availability of Chair
    6. Setty
    7. Back rest
    8. Glass, jug, mug bucket.
  • Whether patient/Relative has any complaint regarding-
    1. Dissatisfaction from treatment of doctors
    2. Dissatisfaction from nursing care
    3. Dissatisfaction with cleaning or Housekeeping
    4. Any complaint of behavior.
    5. Any other complaint
  • Will record any complaint in the diary, which will always be carried during the rounds.
  • After the round, she will go to nursing station and check the files of the patients and see whether the nurses have properly filled following chart or not-
  • Treatment chart
  • Nursing care chart
  • TPR BP chart
  • I/O chart
  • Investigation chart
  • Any other specific chart like Head injury chart, Insulin chart etc.
  • Any discrepancy found in the above information will be noted down in the diary.
  • After the round she will sit in her office and open the diary, prioritize the complaints and solve them fast with due coordination of doctors, nurses and Administration.
  • Will prepare daily report and present it to NS on daily basis.
  • Will take the disciplinary /Appreciative action against the Nurses as per defined policy and procedure of the hospital.
  • Will be actively involved in regular training of nurses from time to time.
  • Will meet the attendants of all patients admitted in ICU and nursery on daily basis in the chamber and note down their problems, suggestion & complaints in the diary.


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