Medical High Dependency Unit Doctor on Duty – Can be Senior (PG) or Junior (MBBS).

  • Major work force for implementation of all monitoring and therapeutic decisions laid by consultants.
  • Prime responsibility is to monitor and manage all clinical aspects of patient care.
  • Initial assessment of the patient at admission and information to Consultants.
  • Planning investigations / treatment as per laid down protocols and in discussion with MHDU Consultant / Consultant incharge
  • Writing all clinical details on files and charting all investigations. Informing all investigations to Consultants and taking remedial decisions accordingly.
  • Small decision regarding immediate monitoring and therapeutic to be taken by them as per their abilities and with help of laid down protocols.

However are supposed to inform of all minor/major monitoring inputs, therapeutic suggestions and remedial actions to Consultant MHDU and / or Consultant In charge.

  • All nursing staff, paramedics are supposed to report to them initially in relation to patient care.
  • In absence of Consultant MHDU (at night) is the designated local administrative leader under supervision of MHDU Consultant.
  • Informs about the irregularities in clinical, technical, mechanical and administrative areas to MHDU Consultant (if and when noticed).
  • Fills up all the investigations forms, blood forms and prepare the treatment chart or master chart of MHDU.



  • Performs procedures under guidance / permission from Consultant MHDU / Consultant In charge.
  • Interacts with attendants to inform only the current condition, not to discuss, prognosis, course of disease and plans of management.
  • Shall accompany very sick patients to other investigative area (Imaging) as and when required
  • May be called in case of dire emergency to any area of hospital for help / resuscitation
  • In case if death in MHDU
  • Declaration to the attendants (preferably to close to kin) after properly assessing the patient.
  • Making proper note of time of death.
  • Informing the MHDU Consultant/CIC.
  • Co-ordinating with the Staff about informing relevant authority of the hospital and also after consultation with the attendants, ensuring that proper arrangements are made about shifting / releasing the body.
  • Preparing the Death Certificate / MCD Certificate / Death Summary properly.
  • Properly making documentation of the sequence of events leading to death and also of the measures taken to resuscitate the patient.


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