Why Suicide?

Some people are just too pessimistic about their situation and about life itself. These people have the idea that no matter what they do, no matter what they say, everything would seem to have a negative impact on themselves or to their surroundings. We really do not know what is going on in their minds, but some of them can be a danger to themselves, if not to others.

People who are deeply troubled are prone to develop suicidal thoughts. There are a lot of factors that contribute to feeling hopeless and desperate enough to end one’s life. Depression, separation anxiety, loneliness or fear — these are only some of the reasons why people kill themselves. As they say, “suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain.” A person who cannot handle too much pain may consider suicide in some way. They think that this pain would never end, and that it would be heavier as they continue to live their life. If a person feels the pain and cannot cope with it by means of other resources, they eventually feel suicidal. In their minds, suicide is neither wrong nor right. It is not an imperfection of one’s character since they believe that suicide is morally neutral. According to their view, suicide is fundamentally an imbalance between pain and one’s inability to cope with that pain.

Feeling pain and loneliness and having no one to talk to makes a person feel even more miserable and lonely. Their loneliness easily worsens into depression, and eventually to thoughts of suicide. These people turn to thoughts of suicide because they seek the relief from the pain that they are currently feeling. However, relief is a feeling and one must be alive to feel the relief of pain.

Some individuals may react negatively to what a suicidal person might be currently dealing with. These reactions might even increase the person’s desire to kill himself because of the negativity that surrounds him. This specific case may be seen in a different perspective since these people with negative reactions may just be feeling scared for that person who intends to kill himself. Understanding these suicidal people leads to one thing: concern for the person and his own life. Suicide is really a matter related to the issue of mental health since it is linked to depression and even to separation anxiety. Having someone to talk to is a step forward…hopefully, another step away from the suicide. One must be open to counseling, guidance, help, and support in times of need. It is important that the person is willing to share his feeling of depression with another person. That way, one’s heavy feelings can lighten up a bit. Knowing that he/she is not alone in the struggle is another advantage since this could help in escaping suicidal thoughts.

There are a lot of counseling websites and toll free numbers available for those people who just need someone to talk to, someone who can listen and understand them in a very sincere way. Getting help by going to a psychotherapist can really lessen the thoughts of suicide, and by having consistent sessions, a person may just feel the need and the joy to live again.



This article talks about pessimistic people and how they see life. Having negative Thoughts may usually lead to suicide. It continues with reasons why people think of committing suicide, and why do they do it. Lastly, people with such hard feelings of pain can get help in a number of ways such as counseling, joining a support group, etc.



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