Aromatherapist Job Description Template

We are looking for an Aromatherapist to be responsible for treating patients with essential oils to ensure healing and well-being. The responsibilities of an Aromatherapist include conducting patient consultations, formulating treatment plans, and preparing blends of oils.

To be successful as an Aromatherapist, you should have knowledge of the history of oils, safety measures, and the healing properties of oils. Ultimately, a high-quality Aromatherapist should be compassionate, knowledgeable about therapeutic applications, and have an empathetic temperament.

Aromatherapist Responsibilities:

  • Collating a brief medical history of a patient before therapy.
  • Identifying the appropriate treatments for each patient.
  • Explaining treatment requirements.
  • Preparing blends of oils.
  • Making referrals to specialists.
  • Managing accurate patient records.
  • Staying up-to-date with industry developments.

Aromatherapist Requirements.

  • Training and practice in Aromatherapy.
  • Previous experience working as an Aromatherapist.
  • Solid knowledge of the history of oils, safety precautions, and healing properties.
  • Knowledge of the elements of Botany and holistic properties.
  • Knowledge of the application process.
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