Behavioral Health Technician Job Description Template

We are looking for a compassionate, diligent Behavioral Health Technician to join our medical facility. You will be working in conjunction with psychiatrists and other medical professionals to implement treatment plans for patients with behavior disorders, providing them with the care, support, and supervision they require.

To be successful as a Behavioral Health Technician, you should be an excellent listener with a solid understanding of what it takes to treat or manage behavior disorders. Top candidates will also be sensitive, respectful, and personable when working with our patients.

Behavioral Health Technician Responsibilities:

  • Carrying out individual treatment plans prescribed by medical professionals.
  • Monitoring patients and recording your observations.
  • Reporting back on each patient’s progress and concerns.
  • Ensuring patients have a safe and supportive environment.
  • Diffusing situations in which patients wish to harm themselves or others.
  • Providing emotional support to patients.
  • Alerting medical professionals to intervene in emergencies.
  • Carrying out assessments and other administrative tasks.
  • Maintaining strict patient confidentiality.

Behavioral Health Technician Requirements:

  • Certification or associate’s degree in behavioral health.
  • Experience working in a mental health institution or psychiatric ward a plus.
  • Ability to treat patients with dignity and empathy.
  • Strong listening and communication skills.
  • Good physical fitness.
  • Acute observation skills.
  • Computer literacy.
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