Behavior Therapist Job Description Template

We are looking to employ an experienced Behavior Therapist to help patients address unhealthy and debilitating behaviors as well as overcome phobias, addictions, and traumas. The Behavior Therapist’s responsibilities include helping patients understand their behaviors, teaching patients how to change their responses to unfavorable situations, and assisting patients in developing healthier coping mechanisms. You should also be able to create personalized exercises and homework assignments to help patients adjust their thought patterns.

To be successful as a Behavior Therapist, you should demonstrate compassion, patience, and understanding when treating patients. Ultimately, an outstanding Behavior Therapist should be able to effectively communicate with patients to establish trust and accurately assess patients’ progress.

Behavior Therapist Responsibilities:

  • Assisting patients in developing healthier thought patterns and behaviors.
  • Analyzing patients’ behavioral patterns to diagnose mental health disorders.
  • Developing suitable treatment programs based on patients’ diagnoses.
  • Adjusting treatment programs accordingly.
  • Recommending activities and exercises to help patients develop the skills and mechanisms needed to manage their diagnoses or overcome their phobias and addictions.
  • Maintaining detailed counseling and observation notes on each patient.
  • Collaborating with patients’ families to obtain feedback on implemented treatment plans and patients’ progress.
  • Educating younger patients’ parents and teachers on using play to improve communication issues.

Behavior Therapist Requirements:

  • Master’s degree in Psychology, Applied Behavioral Science, or related field.
  • State license to practice behavior therapy.
  • Proven experience in behavior therapy.
  • In-depth knowledge of behavior therapy models.
  • Sound collaborative skills.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Exemplary counseling and clinical skills.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Compassionate and patient.
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