Five Ways for Doctorpreneures to Compete With Corporate Hospitals

Five Ways for Doctorpreneures to Compete With Corporate Hospitals

It’s imperative to at least reaches to rural population to provide services in the healthcare segment. After that reach is mainly achieved by doctor entrepreneurs and government hospitals except for few exceptions. Doctor entrepreneurs are delivering care services at their best but many a time that best is nowhere to compete with corporate providers who have the upper hand in investment capabilities and skill requisition. So, what an entrepreneur doctor is supposed to do to compete with or march along with the latest trends in healthcare delivery models.

1. Leveraging Local Connect

While being the market leader in any segment, doctorprenueres need to maximize the benefits of market leaders in the segment. They are the one who knows their customers from local perspectives.  And above all make necessary strategic alignments to meet the demands of local markets.

2. Update in Technology and Service Delivery

Healthcare technology innovations are driving forces for ever-changing market scenarios in the hospital and care industry. Owners and doctors providing such services need to be adaptable enough to at least cater to the commonest change requirements in care-related service delivery methodologies and infrastructure including new technological inclusions in diagnostics and therapeutic segments.

3. Improve Quality of care by Standardization

Some form of standardization is linked with a reduction in errors and rework including drastically improved efficiency and effectiveness of processes. Following processes needs to be standardized for better patient experience and outcomes a. Registration Process b. Admission Process c. Discharge Process d. Billing Process e. Sample Collection for Labs f. Reporting of Lab and imaging tests results g. Discharge Summary Formats h. Consents, Forms, Formats for various activities. i. Initial assessment of patients j. Reassessment of Patients One can add onto the existing up to the level where common processes are dealt with standardized SOPs, Policies, and protocols

4. Periodic Audit of Processes

Its always advisable to measure your actions by auditing your processes periodically. This can be done internally or you may engage external third-party auditors like Supremediq Consultancy Pvt Ltd for process audit to measure your periodic performance. While hiring an external auditor, make sure that you always ensure the confidentiality of your data by the auditing team as this may harm to a great extent if not kept confidential within a small group of people.

5. Fostering an environment of Continuous development and improvement

Your resources are your strengths. If you polish your workforce from time to time, they will get your organization to the next level faster than your competitor institutions. Keep them abreast of the latest knowledge and practices.
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