Small Scale Smart Hospital Planning and Designing

Small Scale Smart Hospital Planning and Designing

Its Often observed that healthpreneurs fail to raise sufficient funds to build an institute of their dreams. Small Scale Smart Hospitals (SSSH) can be a reality if the right mixture of ingredients is assimilated in one place. Here are what can be done to achieve this

1. Plan Before you Purchase Your Land

It’s the first step to planning for whatever you are going to do. If you purchase land without a plan for the whole project, most likely you will create bottlenecks that could never be overcome. The size, the location, the cost, the budget, etc, everything needs to be considered very well in advance for the best matches of your dream.

2. Hire Experienced Medical Consultant

A medical consultant can save you around 20-30% of the project cost if involve one at the very beginning. These are professionals having experience of utilizing, planning, and designing healthcare buildings for their users. When considering such a person, his exposure in the domain to be double-checked. His industry linkage and quest for quality enabling cost-effective technology is a very important factor when considering the cost-effectiveness of your project.

3. Take Architectural Professional-On Board

DIY designs save initially some percentage of capital cost but usually increase the maintenance cost for the life of the organization. It is advisable to hire a genuine expert in the field. Ideally, he should go well with the construction team as well as the medical consultant. Close coordination with other team members brings the best result in designing a healthcare facility. He should also have the support of HAVC experts who help to optimize the design from all aspects of uses.

4. Use Local Innovations

Newer technologies and solutions are requisite of smart hospitals. Smartness doesn’t just limit to breakthrough technologies but simplicity also is an integral part of the new SMART. Local innovations are the best solution for SSSH projects as International Standards may not be feasible for such projects.

5. Weave Technology with Processes

Acquisition of newer technologies should never be considered without integrating them into the processes and skillsets of the available workforce. Many times, it’s observed that technology assets go wasted if same are not woven well into processes and people.


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