Job Description Call Centre Operator / Patient Care Coordinator

Position: Call Centre Operator / Patient Care Coordinator

Reporting To: Assistant Manager Operations

  1. All calls should be attended according to the pre-set protocol.
  2. To give appointments for private OPD and Health Check-up.
  3. To keep updated with all contacts of the hospital.
  4. To provide information about all facilities available in hospital.
  5. To check leave status of doctors and other hospital staff on regular basis.
  6. To check online mails received for appointments and reply as soon as possible.
  7. To inform doctors about their appointments a day before, and brief them the procedure of admission etc.
  8. To report any incident to the concerned person immediately and fill the incident form.
  9. Prior information should be given to HOD about planned leave or emergency leave.
  10. To obey safety rules.
  11. To attend all training classes organized by hospital.
  12. To check that all equipments are in good working condition and complaint to be register to the concerned department and HOD in case something is wrong.
  13. To inform Human Resource Department about any change in contact details address etc.
  14. To communicate to the staff about any important events/ meetings in the hospital.
  15. To provide information about hospital services offered.
  16. To inform patient about estimated cost of investigations / procedure.
  17. To inform patient who has their planned OT for next day, about advance deposit, documents required (for new patient admission).
  18. No personal calls are allowed from hospital extn.
  19. Not to harm/damage hospital property
  20. Any other responsibility assigned by HOD/ Management.
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