Job Description Hospital ACCOUNTS OFFICER



  1. Accounts officer is supposed to be present at 10 am on duty and receive the cash from reception of the last day, count it and deposit the same in bank and maintain counter file of deposits. He will simultaneously deposit any cheques collected as Receipts in last 24 hrs.
  2. He will maintain a separate petty cash account book in which the he is keeping Rs. 5000/- as petty cash separately. As soon as this money is exhausted he will enter the details of money spent through this account into expenditure side of cash book and receive the equivalent money.
  3. He will not pay any money without the authorization of Managing Director or designated person.
  4. Salary statement will be signed by Finance Director before disbursement of the salary.
  5. He will maintain separate PF A/C all the employees and deposit PF in time.
  6. Voucher will be stamped and signed by all the employees while requiring salary.
  7. He will post the consultant payment in the ledger accounts of all the consultants on daily basis.
  8. He will maintain the separate ledger for pending/credit payments and post it consultant account so that these payments are reintroduced later.
  9. He should be ready with consultant payment statement by 20th of every month after getting it is signed by Managing Director.
  10. The cheque of consultants should be ready on or before 25th dually signed by signing authority.
  11. Cheque to consultants should be given on 25th along with a statement which should also mention the details of pending payments complimentary, concessions and previous pending payments received if any.
  12. Accounts officer will receive the bills of parties who supply goods to store. These bill should be signed by stores in-charge indicating goods received and entered in stock. These bills are kept in pending bills file.
  13. These bills supported by authorization of purchase in indent book are produced to Managing Director for verification. After verification, the cheques are signed by the Managing Director.
  14. These cheques should be ready by 30th of every month for disbursement for the goods received till 15th of the month.
  15. TDS is to be deposited in bank till 7th of every month.
  16. A separate TDS book is maintained in which details of TDS deducted is noted.
  17. Everybody whose TDS is deducted should get the TDS statement on prescribed form in the month of April for Income Tax purpose.
  18. All the Account books/bills etc. are to be entered in the computer on daily basis.
  19. Account officer is personally liable for any lapse or irregularity or discrepancy found in accounts at the time of audit. He will be financially and legally liable for the same.
  20. Maintain a separate ledger of rental income to hospital from various sources and deposit this in to bank after timely collection.
  21. No advance money is given to anybody unless approved by designated trustee. If given it is to be entered in ledger and deducted from employee’s payments as per orders.
  22. Canteen account should be ready by 5th of every month.



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