• Is responsible for the overall administrative and technical operations of various Radiology departments.
  • Shall follow code of professional ethics, provide instructions and training to staff as needed, develops work plans, procedures and ensure their implementation in all day to day operations
  • Shall ensure that only the competent person conducts radiology procedures on patients
  • Shall verify investigation films and results before signing the final investigation reports
  • Can ask for a re investigation of procedures if any discrepancy is noticed or would like to cross verify the results
  • Shall design and implement the SSH QA programme
  • Shall give special attention to matters related to impartiality and confidentiality
  • Shall ensure smooth communication process between staff, patients and consultants.
  • Shall ensure that the delivery of services is patient focused.
  • Shall ensure proper management of drugs, contrast media and radiopharmaceuticals in various radiology departments.
  • Shall ensure that the risk associated with imaging and interventional procedures are identified, assessed, managed and minimized.
  • Shall identify staff training need and organize training program at regular intervals and assure that all SOPs are covered in the training.
  • Shall assess competency of technical staff in the department.
  • Shall ensure timely update of department documentation.


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