Consultant Surgical ICU Job Role

The role of a Consultant Surgical ICU doctor is to take care of the surgical ICU department

  • he is the Chief local administrative and clinical head of the unit.
  • All in-house resident doctors, nursing supervisors and staff technicians, paramedics, and housekeeping staff directly report to Consultant Surgical ICU.
  • They take major clinical monitoring and therapeutic decisions to be taken by him / communicated to him; in consultation and accordance with treating Consultant InCharge.
  • All policies of admission, monitoring, therapeutics, procedures, and various protocols are framed under his guidance in accordance with prevailing national and international norms.
  • Proper patient care by means of proper work delegation is his prime responsibility.
  • Ensuring proper training of staff and periodic assessment of their abilities – rewarding/reprimanding accordingly.
  • Ensuring infection control in SICU.
  • Talking to the selected attendants about the continued progress and treatment response and immediate plans in the patient management.
  • He or She Reports to Director/MS.
  • In case of a death in SICU
    • Consultant Surgical ICU must properly assess the patient if death occurs in his / her presence.
    • He Preferably making the declaration himself.
    • They Ensuring that information is passed on to relevant authority.
    • They are to ensure proper cause of death has been mentioned.
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