As a team leader

  1. To organize and make plan of all nursing activities
  2. To make bed to bed round of the department with staff
  3. To supervise direct patient care of the unit and provide direct care to critically ill patients as and when situation arises.
  4. To coordinate with other department for patient care and smooth running of the unit.
  5. To check all the records of the patients related to diagnosis, condition and treatment and ensure proper maintenance of records
  6. To ensure safety and comfort of the patient of the unit.
  7. Participation in Internal and External Audits.
  8. Establishing and re enforcing the standard of Nursing procedure as prescribed.
  9. Ensuring the maintenance of waste management and infection control of the ward.
  10. Performing other duties allotted by Nursing Superintendent / Dy. Nursing Superintendent
  11. Performing Morning, Evening and Night duty in the interest of the hospital.
  12. To conduct in service educational Programmes



As a Medication Nurse

  1. To supervise, guide and direct the staff Nurses to carry out Treatment of the Patients as prescribed by Physicians / Surgeons of the unit.
  2. Preparation of Medicine Prescription as per Doctors Orders.
  3. Cross checking of Doctors orders and medicine administered.
  4. Indenting of Medicines for 24 hours
  5. Administering Prescribed Medication to patients and maintaining of treatment charts
  6. Checking of RBS Charting.
  7. Supervision and maintenance of records of IV Fluids and Blood Transfusions.
  8. Participation in orientation of new employees.
  9. Taking vital signs and observing patients to detect response of particular drugs and preparation of reports or notifies concerned doctor for unexpected reactions.
  10. Adhere to medications administration policy
  11. Maintaining of drug Inventory registers
  12. Reporting of Medication errors to Nursing Supervisors.
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