Best Nurse Job Recruitment and Placement agency in India mostly require a Nursing Superintendent to perform the following activities and processes to accomplish the duties of NS


  • Maintaining optimum no & mix of nursing staff as per competency request to maintain nurse patient’s ratios.
  • Planning, Selection, orientation, and ongoing training for quality as per laid down systems, standards, procedures, and protocols.
  • Team building by motivation, assigning professional and administrative responsibilities and authorities.
  • Ensuring participative management of the department by involving teammates in designing policies, procedures, systems, protocols, objectives, and decision making.
  • Monitoring the productivity and efficiency of the teammates in the delivery of quality care and achieving complete customer satisfaction.
  • Evaluation of the teammates for increments, promotions, and career growth.
  • Take disciplinary action against anyone who is indiscipline, indulge in misconduct, and is not performing.
  • Ensuring complete harmony by managing interpersonal conflicts and addressing the grievances of the teammates.


  • To plan, list, send indents, and maintain desired inventory of materials required for the department.
  • To maintain consumption record ensuring there is no pilferage / wastages.


  • To train all team mates so that they completely understand the Quality Plans, standard operating procedures, work instructions, NABH Standards, Quality Control Plan and occupational health safety measures for optimum results,
  • To ensure implementation of all laid down policies, procedures, protocols, systems, standards.
  • To monitor the systems by self-evaluation, internal and external audits.


  • To ensure clean, green and healthy environment by carefully monitoring the ambience, temperature, hygiene, noise level, infection control and waste disposal practices.


  • To continuously monitor the efficiency parameters, growth, and development of the department by the following parameters:-
    • Optimum working conditions and health of the teammates.
    • Work Load (Census)
    • Capacity utilization of equipment and facilities.
    • Judicious use of materials and resources (water, electricity, telephones, stationary, drugs, disposables and consumables).
    • Productivity and output of each teammate.
    • Income and Expenditure of the department

Teaching and Training

  • To make departmental teaching and training calendar.
  • To maintain records of teaching and training.
  • To identify competency gaps in professional, work, communication skills, public relations, interpersonal relations and get them trained.
  • To make arrangements for imparting training to the departmental personnel to overcome the gaps

Interdepartmental Coordination and Communications

  • To coordinate with other departments of the hospital and administration to full fill the objectives of the hospital.
  • To attend various hospital meetings.


  • To network with various doctors, hospitals, other organizations, social groups, and media for promoting yourself and the hospital.


  • To send monthly reports on the above-mentioned points to the management along with suggestions.
  • To report any untoward incidence/event which is detrimental to the working of the department and will furnish the image of the hospital

Nurse Job Recruitment and Placement for such roles primary require must have qualification of GNM or BSC or MSC in nursing with qualification or experience or both in nursing administration.


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